This corner of the internet represents an ideology, set forth to encompass a dedication to provoking a level of media needed for change. We believe the level we desire is not to bend to today's societal needs to pay the rent. But to exploit photography, film, graphic art, and handwritten narrative to have the significant voice against the deception, over-consumption, and fickleness found in media today.

Here lies a mission. To not fall in line, one and the same. And we raise our fist against that voice and we raise ours now. This time with our own cameras, our own typewriters, our own devices built in that timeless tradition. To elevate above the watered down clich├ęs being served up on social media is necessity. Quality over quantity is the dogma. 

We support art through all disciplines and mediums. Engaging upon each other's practices to hit the flashpoint that sets fire to our minds' eye through original series of works that reflect on the past, address then present, and imagine a future. Revealing new ways of thinking and discovering possibilities for narrative, presentation, and process. As modern media is not bound by type or means. It is open to become something unique and charged. And we hold the spark.

With the knowledge that art is not a passing fad on a news feed, we remind you it is timeless. Which is why this corner is for those who do it for the love. For the always evolving. The established and emerging. For those who inspire and give shape without form. This corner is the collective re-birth to document life in cursive.